Exclusive fashion at the official Bogner Online Shop

Bogner Online Shop – for sophisticated men and women: Bogner - the epitome of high-end fashion for over 80 years. Bogner holds itself and every collection to high standards, allowing it to grow from owner-operated fashion company to one of the most sought-after, exclusive brand for men and women's fashion. Discover our wide selection of fashion - right here exclusively at the Bogner Online Shop ...

Inspiring womenswear

Discover cardigans, blazers, skirts, scarves, blouses, dresses, ankle boots, swimwear and much more! Bogner flatters your feminine side. Exclusive materials and subtle designs yield looks for women with the highest standards only. Fine silk, soft cashmere and clever material mixes ensure comfortable wear and a stylish look. Thanks to decades of experience and on-trend expertise, Bogner creates fashion for women who know what they want.

Stylish menswear

Classic subtlety one day, casual and sporty the next: Bogner knows what sophisticated men want, and shows it with its menswear collection. Elegant trousers, sporty jeans, subtle business shirts, leather jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, shoes and belts all feature a fashionable understatement. With its Men's collections, Bogner sets high standards not only for the quality of materials, but also for the quality of stylish designs.

Skiwear and golf fashion

Exclusive and functional skiwear was and still is the trademark of Bogner. Browse the latest ski collection to find featherlight down jackets, warm ski pants, and functional long-sleeve shirts. Whether you're on skis or on a board: Bogner skiwear lets you cut a fine figure. Bogner Golfwear also presents elegant fashion: from golfpolos, golf pants, elegant sports jackets. fine coats and matching accessories. Step out on the green in style!