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Men's Jackets & Coats

  1. Collection

    1. Bogner Man
    2. Bogner Fire + Ice
    3. Bogner Sport Golf
  2. Size

    1. S
    2. M
    3. ML
    4. L
    5. XL
    6. XXL
    7. 36
    8. 38
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    14. 50
  3. Color

    1. Beige
    2. Black
    3. Blue
    4. Brown
    5. Gold
    6. Green
    7. Red
    8. Silver
    9. White

When a man is on the street or walking into a building, the first garment people will see on him is his jacket. Jackets for men are essential pieces for making a first impression, therefore it is essential that a man’s jacket exude the same qualities he wants others to associate with him.

Bogner produces a range of jackets to suit a range of different tastes, all of the highest standard of quality. The Bogner Man collection features refined men’s jackets made of leather, down jackets and wool coats perfect for everyday and for travelling to and from business meetings and formal events.

For more activewear-oriented jackets or casual jackets for younger men, the Bogner Fire + Ice collection features ski and outdoor jackets designed to withstand time and weather, which maintain the standard of quality and style for which the Bogner brand is famous.