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Born in 1963, giant slalom world champion in 1985 and double Olympic champion (giant slalom and super-G) in Lillehammer 1994.
His speciality: anything that involves alpine skis. Unique identifiers: runs a Bavarian farm museum, plays Alpine folk music on the zither and looks the part in a pair of authentic lederhosen.

My Olympic moment: "The games in Calgary really left an impression. I was the favourite and straddled the very first gate. Luckily, I was able to make up for it by winning two gold medals in Lillehammer eight years later. Of course, that made them the best games in history!"
My sport: "When I'm skiing, I decide where the journey takes me and at what speed. All the while, I'm surrounded by winter magic – that’s hard to beat."
My style: "As a racing professional, I had quite an elegant style, perhaps due to the fact that I was lighter than the others and had to make up for that with a more refined technique. My wardrobe? I favour an athletic style and even when I dress up in a suit for special events, I never wear a tie! For a visit to the beerfest, buckskin lederhosen are a must."
My goal: "I would love for Felix to end his career with an Olympic gold medal and become my successor."

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