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Shapelier than Leggings

The classic Bogner ski pant is making quite the comeback...

Bogner Archive

Today they’re worn with or without heels, and everywhere from the sports pitch to the red carpet: Stirrup pants are undoubtedly the sexiest way to stay comfortable. For quite some time, they were the top choice for women on the ski slopes, and now they’re enjoying a major comeback.


In the beginning, ski trousers were made of heavy gabardine and had a flaring wedge shape that fluttered in the wind and was uncomfortable for the wearer. With her innovative mindset, Maria Bogner sought to eliminate these unflattering inconveniences. To do so, she attached elastic cuffs to the ankle seams of her ski trousers and tucked them under her feet, thus inventing the first straight-leg Bogner ski trousers.

"Bogners: A pair of ski pants."

Maria Bogner\\\\\\\\\\\\'s first silhouette-slimming ski pants came from the legendary tailor Strolz in St. Anton am Arlberg. Then, in the 1950’s, the Bogners teamed up with the couture-weaving house Bianchini-Férier to create a new elastic wool-nylon known as “Fantastiss” which was not only waterproof, but also stretchy enough to accentuate the female figure.

Bogner Archive

With the new cut and fabric combined, Bogner ski trousers became a fast international sensation. In fact, by 1960, ski trousers were officially called “Bogners” in the American English dictionary. One by one, Hollywood’s starlets and all the other It-girls of the day flocked to the shops to pick up a pair of the new, sleek and sexy skiwear.


Today, the classic Bogner ski pants are back in a range of modern colors, and are definitely suitable to wear beyond just the ski slopes. They\\\\\\\\\\\\'re perfect for a range of winter sports, and are even sleek and classy enough to wear out or to the office when paired with right top - ideally a stylish Norwegian sweater - and cool ankle boots!

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