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Shining Stars

Lighting up the slopes of St. Moritz are the sparkling stars of the new ski collection...

"shine like a star. shine on."

On any cold, clear winter night in St. Moritz, the stars shine brilliantly above the ski slopes. On this particular night, however, they’re also shining on them: on this night, Willy Bogner is shooting a spectacular night sequence for his new film, Ski Visions, featuring some of the world’s best skiers lighting up the pistes in brilliant LED-studded skiwear.

Shimmering like stars – and looking not unlike men from the stars – pro skiers Sven Kueenle and Bene Mayr put on quite the athletic performance in radiant LED jumpsuits. The jumpsuits were created exclusively for the film, and are powered using a small but powerful battery-bank.

"light up the night"


The cowgirl jacket garnered such positive public response, that Bogner eventually decided to promote it from set costume to limited edition collector’s piece, which is now available to the public. The jacket is the crowning jewel of the new ski collection, perfect for an unforgettable night at the ski resorts, or a red carpet premier. Pricing is available on request.

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