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Travel is as much an art as it is an experience…


There are many words that could be used to describe the modern zeitgeist, but there is one in particular – a particular affliction that seems to know no nationality, no race, no age nor gender – that rises to the top of the list for many. That word is “wanderlust”.


Wanderlust, or an overwhelming desire to travel, is an emotion essentially designed for the modern age. With air travel now so widely available, it is possible to reach almost every previously-remote corner of the world: there is suddenly so much more that one can feasibly see in her lifetime. Whether you’ve just finished studying, or you’re planning your well-earned retirement, chances are you have an idea of some place you’re dreaming of visiting.

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This season’s Bogner Woman collection is inspired in large part by this culturally pervasive feeling of wanderlust. Not only are the prints and patterns inspired by lead designer Konrad Huber’s own travels around the world, but several of the pieces are actually designed for travel itself.


When packing a suitcase, it is important to prioritize versatility and resilience. This means selecting items that can be worn several different ways for various occasions: they should also hold up well to frequent use across short periods of time and to being packed in a bag or suitcase.

A perfect example of these qualities is the new “Beatrice” jacket from the Sônia Bogner capsule collection. Made entirely of unlined silk, the jacket can be crumpled and packed tightly into a bag – its thinness means it takes up very little space – without ever wrinkling. Its neutral colouring and beautiful wildlife patterning make it extremely versatile and easy to throw over just about any outfit.

Similar to the “Beatrice” jacket, the new “Elfie” blouse is also a traveller’s must-have. Like the jacket, the shirt is made primarily of wrinkle-resistant silk. Rose-toned off-white with a “birds of paradise” print, this shirt is chic enough for a business meeting, but also perfectly sets a carefree holiday-mood.


So for everyone finding herself suffering from a severe case of wanderlust, remember: with a properly packed bag, all you need to do is look at the departure board and get on the first flight.

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