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F+I Fanatic

To get to know the sport of SUP better, the Fire + Ice team got together with board-producer Fanatic to create a unique stand-up paddleboard…

"The design is based on traditional longboard designs, but with classic Fire + Ice details."

Nothing can replace the feeling of carving into a stop on the side of a mountain, pulling chilled air into your lungs as you look out over a valley, a mountain range, going on seemingly forever. You count the clouds hanging just a few meters below you as the sweat cools on your skin. Maybe you take a photo to capture the moment. Maybe you sit down, still bound to your board, to appreciate the sight before you, embracing the entanglement of adrenaline and serenity.


Snowboarding, as well as skiing, are rather unique; they are combination fast-action and relaxation sports, for which there are few summer-sport equivalents. This summer, the Bogner Fire + Ice designers found inspiration for the new collection from stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP): a summer sport which embodies that same mixture of calm and adrenaline.

To get a better feel for SUP, the team at Bogner Fire + Ice collaborated with the surfboard brand Fanatic to design a custom SUP board. The aptly named “Stylemaster” was later featured in the photo-shoot for the new collection.

F+I Fanatic

F+I Fanatic

F+I Fanatic

The Stylemaster’s design is based on classic long-board surfboard styles, measuring out at a full ten feet. Traditionally, these boards always had a natural wood finish, with minimal colour detailing. Natural bamboo was chosen for the Stylemaster’s finish, tying the board to the classic Bogner skis, with a simple black border, stripe and logo detail, with the Fire + Ice logo in red.


Special to the F + I/Fanatic collaboration board is actually the hull. Normally, for finishing reasons, a natural wood underside is not possible. With a little innovation and a lot of trial and error, however, Fanatic was able to develop a method to create a natural wood hull for the collaboration board.

Unlike Any Other Board

Not just for show, the new board is also designed for optimum performance, as one would expect from both Fanatic and Bogner. Specially designed for SUP, the Stylemaster is different from any other Fanatic board. The wide nose and narrow tail design make paddling and steering through still waters easy, as well as driving through big waves. Other specifications make the Stylemaster the perfect SUP-board, whether you’re carving your way through huge swells, or just cruising and taking in the view.

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