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Turn around: Philipp Boy

A special guest at a recent Bogner photo-shoot in Munich, former German Olympic gymnast Philipp Boy shares what life after gymnastics means for him.

Behind every Bogner collection is a story of action – a theme of continuous movement. To showcase key pieces from various Bogner spring collections, an assortment of athletes and acrobats were invited to show off their moves on the trampolines in Munich’s beautiful Olympiapark.

Amongst the athletes invited to the shoot was former German Olympic gymnast Philipp Boy. A prominent figure in German athletics, the former European champion and Olympic medalist enjoyed a largely successful career: at the 2011 World Championships, Boy won silver in the all-round competition for his record-breaking high-bar routine.

In the winter of 2012, Boy announced his retirement from professional sports due to a series of injuries. The decision to retire after a 21-year long career was of course a difficult one: “Gymnastics was my life,” said Boy of the experience. “It’s not something one easily gives up from one day to the next.”

"This is the first time I’ve ever jumped into the open sky: otherwise I’ve only every known trampolines in the halls."

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Life after gymnastics, however, has proven to be no less of an exciting challenge for Boy. Since his retirement, the 28 year-old has established his own firm in the financial service industry and become a father. Naturally, entrepreneurship and fatherhood are both endeavors in which Boy must continue to apply the virtues of focus and perseverance that he developed throughout his athletic career.

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Nonetheless, Boy, who proudly wears Bogner in his everyday life, welcomed the photo-shoot as a break from his new routine. He openly enjoyed the opportunity to showcase the quality and flexibility of the new collection, as well as the strength and skill still embedded within his own muscles. The experience, he said, brought up fond memories of his time the 2012 Olympic games in London, where the entire German team was outfitted in Bogner apparel.

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