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Trousers for women and men

Spring or summer, autumn or winter – every season requires the appropriate attire – and its very own BOGNER trousers. From laid-back denim to iconic stirrup trousers: Discover your personal favourites from our new collection now.

New on the block: Tracksuit trousers

Stay cool – tracksuit trousers, aka. sweatpants or joggers, have made a successful transition from the gym to the catwalk. The athleisure trend is everywhere and reviving everyday looks. Of course, we’re still wearing them for athletic pursuits. However, they’re increasingly becoming the go-to alternative for individual and unusual casual looks. They’re also a comfortable basic that can be combined in countless ways to create cool street styles.


The image of the tracksuit as the uniform of the couch potato has changed radically – and BOGNER loves the fact that tracksuit trousers have gone solo. Basic or statement piece: Sweatpants come in many shapes and sizes. One feature they all have in common is a premium fabric and high degree of comfort. For a truly athletic look, they are worn with an airy shirt and sneakers. However, combine them with high heels or a blazer and they get an instant style upgrade. Tracksuit trousers are ready to go anywhere – to the gym, to the shops or on a night on the town.

Icons of the 80s: Stirrup trousers

Stirrup trousers, also known as strapped pants, are back. They had their fashion heyday in the 1980s and are currently celebrating a highly successful comeback. These garments were mainly popular as wedge-shaped trousers and were often found in ski wear. In recent years, we’ve seen them slowly creeping back into BOGNER collections. Unlike other trousers, they aren’t defined by their shape, but by the small piece of elastic at the end of the leg that lends them their name. The strap or stirrup is worn under the sole of the foot and stops the leg from riding up.


Did you know that stirrup trousers originate in military- and sportswear? Initially exclusively worn as part of uniforms, in the 1930s they also became popular for sports and casual occasions – they were particularly handy for skiing and riding. Today, these trousers come in all kinds of variations, but most designs are intended for women. As a modern alternative to sports tights, stirrup trousers can even be worn to the office with a blouse and blazer. Stirrup trousers with a crease can even be worn on formal occasions.

Winter sports: Ski trousers

Last but not least, let’s focus on an essential part of the winter sports wardrobe. In the colder months, functional BOGNER ski trousers are the perfect snow equipment. Models made from highly elastic fabric afford the appropriate range of movement and comfort. In addition, the properties of these materials also protect against the wet and cold. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing: you need the right trousers to make your outdoor adventures perfect.


By the way: We’ve already mentioned that a lot of ski trousers have stirrups. Most models also have a snow guard that keeps legs and feet dry and warm. Belts or (removable) braces ensure that everything stays in place – even on a speedy descent.  

The blue miracle: Jeans

What’s a wardrobe without at least one great pair of jeans? Both men and women are almost certain to own at least one pair of the cool fashion staple. The sturdy garment is usually made from blue denim cotton fabric. BOGNER offers style-conscious jeans lovers an impressive variety of shapes. Whether wide-legged or slim-cut, skinny or boyfriend-style, baggy or cropped – jeans are more than just trousers, they are a way of life.



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