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FIRE+ICE – from functional shirts to long-sleeve tops

The shirt is one of the most important basics in your wardrobe – and it has been much more than that for a long time now. When you get the combination right, t-shirts, tank tops and the all the gang make authentic statement pieces. Did you know that the shirt started its fashion career as an undergarment? Of course, it soon became clear that it was too much of a shame to simply wear it underneath. Whether it’s for sports or leisure time – women like to wear shirts as their only piece of outerwear when they feel they are getting hot. Does the same go for you? If that’s the case, make sure you are familiar the collection from FIRE+ICE!

The T-shirt – fashion classic of unknown origin

It’s beyond belief actually – during the 19th century, this most important of fashion staples was socially frowned upon. Yes, you read that correctly! At one time, shirts were considered underwear and so it was very bad manners to wear this garment in public view. Where the classic t-shirt actually comes from is not known but tradition has it that it originates from the seaman’s shirt. The fashion classic apparently got its short sleeves from the navy if the term “T-shaped undershirt” from 1901 is anything to go by.

In Europe, shirts were popular during the 1960s. In the 1970s, they were fashionable, in the 1980s, everyday – and since then fashion would be inconceivable without them! ...

High-quality women’s shirts from FIRE+ICE

Tank top, long-sleeve top, polo shirt, t-shirt … it’s most important for a woman to know that not all shirts were created equal! That also goes for the design! Body-hugging or flared, single-coloured, bright and colourful or with striking graphic prints, with a V-neck or crew neck – cotton is the basic material that unites almost all of them. Whether you’re in the office, simply enjoying your day or doing sports – shirts fromFIRE+ICE always go down well!

The FIRE+ICE shirt look

The classic t-shirt feels comfortable tucked into your skirt waistband or knotted with jeans. And with branded shirts, you can give any simple outfit a smart upgrade. Tank tops make a classic finish to sports outfits. Is it too cold for a t-shirt or top and you don’t feel like wearing a jacket? Then the long-sleeve version of the shirt is the solution! Long-sleeve tops work best under a waistcoat. And that kindred spirit, the polo shirt, is currently also enjoying a fashion comeback.

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