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Drawing inspiration from the surfing sports world, surf elements are stylishly interpreted this season under the motto “From Sea to Ski.” The underlying idea: Merge the two worlds surfers and skiers call home, distilling their sense of freedom and adventure into a look that reflects their spirit. The result? Athleticism meets urban streetwear! Explore the collection with a surprising, fashionable twist in fresh BOGNER style. 



Freeskiing star, surfer, model: If anyone represents the ideal qualities for a BOGNER photo shoot, it’s Sierra Quitiquit. As one of the most successful freeskiers in the USA, the 29-year-old Utah-native’s passion for the world of sports seems to be coded into her DNA. “My father was a World Cup skier, so our family has always lived near ski resorts. For us, everything revolved around skiing.” In tune with the new BOGNER collection, her motto is: “Why settle for one when you can have both?” The city and the slopes, summer in wintertime, fun with function – in other words: the best of both worlds. What embodies this better than a trip with BOGNER to the Lofoten Islands? With pristine ski runs as well as glacial Atlantic waves awaiting her, Sierra tried out our Camouflage Collection on the spot. Her conclusion: “I understood for the first time that my passion for sports and fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive.” Speaking of which, she’s already planned her next trip. She’s going to circle the globe with her skateboard.

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