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Opposites sometimes do attract...

"Haute Hippie"

While travel – and the impetus to experience the world beyond one’s place of origin – has always been a major facet of human culture, throughout the centuries it has taken various different forms and means of expression. In the distant past, people would simply pack up what few possessions they had and start walking, riding or hitchhiking, often with no plan or destination of return, and with very little ceremony.

Today, there has been a resurgence of the bohemian, wandering sort of lifestyle, but one that has been unmistakably altered by the conditions of modernity. We travel further, faster and for shorter periods of time; we travel to specific destinations, with plans made months in advance, and we almost always return home to our jobs within a few weeks.

Bogner Woman

Bogner Woman

This type of lifestyle – the free-spirit-meets-professional – is now colloquially known as “gypset”. A mixture between the words “gypsy” and “jet-setter”, it describes a lifestyle that combines the carefree attitude and style of the hippie and bohemian movements with the pace of young urban professionals’ (aka “yuppies”) lives.


Like most modern lifestyles, “gypset” comes with a prescribed sartorial style as well. This style is all about the marriage of luxury and bohemian: products made of fine material and expert workmanship, but which give off an aura of lightness and earthiness. Many celebrities dabble in gypset, but arguably none more than Sienna Miller.


The new Bogner Woman collection is tailored to the gypset personality: it features a range of patterns inspired by places all around the world, and like all Bogner collections, the clothes are made to the highest standard of quality. Light blouses and dresses of silk, printed with birds of paradise and elegant arrays of flora and fauna; denim embroidered with tribal, geometric patterns on the details; elegantly cut cashmere ponchos and floppy suede hats all form a cohesive collection of contrasts and parities.