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House of Arts

A highlight of the Bogner Woman Spring/Summer 2016 photo shoot was the Bogner team’s stay at the luxuriously modern and inspiring Hotel Castell.

Luscious, blooming fields and breathtaking views: the Swiss Alps were the obvious choice of locale for the Bogner Woman Spring/Summer 2016 photo-shoot. While the region famously offers a wide selection of luxury hotels to choose from, this particular occasion appropriately brought the Bogner team to the most artistically progressive estate in area by far: Hotel Castell.

Lying comfortably in Zouz, within the Engadin region of the Alps, Hotel Castell is a dynamic fusion of classical and modern art styles. Owner and avid art collector Reudi Bechtler began to modernize the historic hotel fifteen years ago. Utilizing his broad vision, exceptional contacts within the contemporary art scene and impeccable taste, Bechler revolutionized Hotel Castell and set a new standard for modern hospitality.

The History and the Future

The Hotel Castell incorporates a fusion of artistic eras to create a unique visual experience. The rooms, halls and gardens are adorned with the works of contemporary artists such as Roman Singer, Pipilotti Rist, James Turrell and many more, while the majority of the exterior architecture dates back to the early 20th century Swiss style.

House of Arts

Arriving in Zouz, the Bogner team was greeted with an atmosphere of vibrant modernity fused with classic luxury, which perfectly matched the Bogner philosophy and lifestyle, as well as the new collection. The Hotel Castell offered the team not only a premium hospitality experience, but also inspiration and the perfect backdrop for the Bogner Woman Spring/Summer 2016 photo-shoot.

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