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Cutting-edge layering principle: Four different layers and one vest keep athletes warm even in the coldest outside air temperatures.

Bogner believes in the power of simple but good ideas. Therefore the idea for the new B-System was rather basic: A sophisticated and highly functional layering system – a collection with different layers for active athletics and every possible situation on the hill. The result: Individually combinable pieces for maximum protection and support – no matter what kind of weather, if the sun is shining or a severe snow storm with temperature drop is on the way.

A layering principle for the highest skier demands! Four different layers and one vest keep athletes warm even in the coldest outside air temperatures as they constantly lead the moisture away from the body without limiting the operating range.


Thanks to the of modern materials, it was possible to keep every layer thin enough – a key advantage to other ordinary layering systems whose insulating layers usually sweep off the breathability or restrict the skier.

Layer on layer for piste pleasure

Even though it\\\\'s all about functionality with B-System the fashion factor is just as important. Therefore our jersey first layers come with interesting prints of snowy landscapes and dashing skiers this season. Reflection details are an essential part of our ski jackets too.