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Alaska Calling:

"Alaska is every freestyle skier’s dream..."

Pristine slopes of mind-blowing steepness, volatile weather, unexpectedly changing from clear blue skies to all-encompassing fog, and the most incredible feeling of freedom – that was Alaska in a nutshell for two extreme freestyle skiers, Sven Kueenle and Bene Mayr. Dressed from head to toe in hi-tech skiwear from Bogner, the two friends rose to the challenge of exploring the most coveted place for those who dare, while also capturing it all on camera.

In 2015, at the beginning of April, Bene Mayr and Sven Kueenle flew with their crew to the small town of Haines in Alaska for the shoot of the “Legs of Steel” film. Considered to be the Mecca of the free-skiing scene, Haines offers unending slopes of untouched snow and breathtaking views, providing the weather cooperates.

Sporty, refined, top quality, comfortable…. These are the words that instantly come to mind when you think about Willy Bogner’s world-renowned eponymous brand. Dubbed as the “creator of sports fashion”, Bogner combines innovation and functionality with timeless yet of-the-moment design, delivering sought-after styles with every collection. A part of the latest B-Tec collection, this ski jacket not only showcases an impeccable fit, but also such covetable details as adjustable waistband, multiple inner pockets and down filling in all the right areas.


  • Zippered air vents under the arms
  • Padded hood for extra comfort
  • Adjustable waistband with padded lining for kidneys
  • Triple layer 4-way stretch for maximum freedom of movement and comfort
  • Highly breathable and waterproof jacket shell (water column 20,000mm)
  • Down filling in specific areas (front/back torso, hood)


Getting up as early as 4am to get the most out of the days when Mother Nature deigned to grace them with good weather, Mayr and Kueenle set out to conquer new heights and polish their skills even more.


Jumping off helicopters, walking on foot in knee-deep snow and performing staggering acrobatic stunts – all of this requires not only exceptional concentration, talent and courage, but also the appropriate clothing for such extreme conditions. For both skiers, Bogner was the only choice.

"Functionality is top priority"

1. What did you like best about your Bogner attire?
"With such steep slopes, we quickly worked up a sweat but it never showed on our jackets and pants. And during falls, there was no chance that the snow could ever get inside!"

2. What is the number-one priority for skiwear?
“Perfect functionality. The clothing has to be versatile and must never get in the way.”

B-Tec by Bogner
Functional, stylish, timeless. Bogner skiwear marries top-notch quality, innovative design and ultimate comfort for everyone, from amateurs to professionals.

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