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This is going back: Ski jumper Willy Bogner Sr shall, on behalf of the athletes, take the Olympic oath at the games in Garmisch. Some years ago, the successful sportsman founded the Willy Bogner Ski Distribution (Willy Bogner Skivertrieb) – and thereby laid the foundation for the subsequent international Bogner fashion store.


When skiing on the ‘Zugspitz’, Willy Bogner Sr. met Maria, a lady with “beautiful eyes and ugly skis”. In 1937, the two married and Maria soon began to develop a signature style for the Bogner company through her brilliant designs and a combination nobody had ever thought of: sport and fashion!


Winter sports are booming, skiing is now glamorous - and the fashionable outfits from the Bogner store arrive just in the nick of time. In the USA, Bogner made a breakthrough with narrow ski pants that Maria Bogner derived from the men’s stirrup pants. Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, and Empress Soraya – all of these women wanted “Bogners”. To date, the word is commonly used in the English-speaking world to refer to ski pants.

So simple and so elegant– to date, the signature B on the zipper is a distinctive feature of the Bogner brand. It stands for uncompromising quality and timeless elegance, which top athletes and leisure heroes can both happily rely on. And, of course, the B design means you can even use the zipper with gloves on, no detail without function!

The Overall

Like skis and stretch pants, overalls are a part of the Bogner story. Willy Bogner Jr. made the overall famous worldwide, not least because he modeled them whilst doing spectacular ski stunts for the Bond films. Sporty, fitted, practical – everyone wanted this updated mountain  look. For this reason, this classic piece will be making a big comeback this winter at Bogner. Get ready!

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