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Fire + Ice First/Second Layers for Men

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Not all days on the pistes are created equal: what you wear under your ski jacket is almost just as important as the jacket itself. When the temperatures are frigid, you’re going to want to have warm under-layers with excellent moisture-management systems to keep you warm and dry. However, some days will require little more than a jacket, so a light under-shirt might be all you need. As every advanced skier knows, though, some days you just need layers: the mornings will start off well below freezing, but by the time the lifts close in the afternoon, you’ll be sweaty and sunburnt.

All Bogner Fire + Ice men’s ski layers are designed with intelligent moisture-management systems, to keep the wearer dry and comfortable at all times. Sleek, state-of-the-art athletic materials are lightweight but provide exceptional warmth. More classic under-layers like knit cardigans are also available to give your mountain-look a touch of vintage charm. No matter the weather, no matter your style, the Bogner Fire + Ice collection has the right ski layers for men for you.

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