90 Years of Style Icons

Best of BOGNER

Distinctive highlight styles that reinterpret visionary creations from the archives for the future: Best of BOGNER celebrates the best of 90 years of fashion and sport. Trend-setting silhouettes and surprising color combinations characterize the unique symbiosis of BOGNER Heritage and modern perspectives.

Be inspired by the new style icons.

From Past to Future
Modern Classics

Inspired by the past, transported into the present: historical brand designs are the template for the Best of BOGNER collection.

This season, the stirrup pants created in the 1950s meet a colorful paisley pattern that brings the boho vibes of the seventies into the present day.

The legendary V silhouette of the 80s is now presented in a modern cropped design, rounded off with a shiny finish and the brand’s signature logo trims. Bright colors like sunshine yellow and emerald green, knitted styles with jacquard patterns and attention-grabbing accessories complete the collections for women and men.

Join us now on a stylish journey through 90 years of BOGNER.

New Style Icons
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Elaini Stirrup pants Elaini Stirrup pants
Lewin Quilted jacket Lewin Quilted jacket
Craig Knitted pullover Craig Knitted pullover
The World of BOGNER

Fall/Winter 2022 Campaign Highlights

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Frozen Riviera
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Forever Iconic
The BOGNER Jacket
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