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Light as a Ballerina

Behind the scenes with the Bavarian State Ballet Junior Company as they model our new ski jackets.

The air is cool, but soft, with brilliant morning sunlight pouring in through the massive antique windows, reflecting gently off the ornately carved white walls and full-length mirrors. As the Bogner team entered the training studio of the Bavarian State Ballet Junior Company, an aura of calm and absolute focus was immediately apparent.

As always, the designers of this year’s Bogner sportswear emphasize a focus on lightness and flexibility in each and every piece: every jacket should be warm while never restricting the athlete’s movement. In addition, the colours and patterns of each jacket should be visually interesting while standing still and in motion. When it came to photographing this year’s collection, we thought, “Who better to demonstrate these aspects of our jackets than ballet dancers?”

For the photo-shoot, we had the honour of working with and talking to six members of the Junior Company of the Bavarian State Ballet, who are all as diverse as they are talented. Hailing from six different countries, each of the six dancers has a different background, and a different perspective on the world of ballet. Each has a different dream role, and there was of course debate about the best post-workout, cheat-day food.

There were, however, things that all or most of the dancers seemed to agree on. Massage is definitely the preferred method of physical recovery, and they almost unanimously agreed that the one thing about ballet they could do without would be the physical pain and injuries.

Bavarian State Ballet Junior Company

Bavarian State Ballet Junior Company

Also shared were the dancers’ opinions of the new Bogner jackets: the words “light”, “warm”, “sporty” and “elegant” were often repeated. Indeed, the Junior Company did a fabulous job modelling them, making every piece look lighter than air as they glided around the studio in them. As one of the dancers, Mr Brandon Demmers, put it: “it was an exciting new experience.”

"light, sporty, elegant"

Bogner would once again like to give special thanks to the members of the Bavarian State Ballet Junior Company for their stunning performance: Radka Příhodvá (Czech Republic), Sinthia Liz (Brazil), Brandon Demmers (Canada), Marten Baum (Germany), Margarida Neto (Portugal), and Michela Zanzoterra (Italy).

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