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The New B-Tec

"the peak of intelligent skiwear design..."

A true snow-junkie wants to enjoy every possible second on the slopes, without wasting time adjusting complicated clothing, or having to go warm up in the chalet between runs. For skiing aficionados who think this way, Bogner’s new line of B-Tec skiwear is perfectly designed to be snug and warm, and move naturally with the body.

B-Tec is not a single component of just one piece: it is a system of pieces and layers that work together to keep the wearer as comfortable as possible on the slopes. The system is designed to be simultaneously light and flexible, waterproof and warm.

It all starts with an intelligent base-layer. The new Bogner B-Tec base-layer shirt combines an innovative mixed material and circular knitting techniques, which eliminate false stiches and holes, to keep the wearer’s heat on the body while also wicking away moisture. A classic – but still smart – V-neck allows for easy freedom of movement around the neckline, while the slim-fit cut and form-hugging elastane of the material ensure flexibility everywhere else.



Over the base-layer is possibly the smartest ski jacket ever made. The “Nair” has all the features that any serious skier wants. It’s ultra-light and made from a breathable, ultra-waterproof 4-way stretch material. All seams are fully taped, blocking all moisture and cold wind, while the Aqua-Guard zippers secure all larger openings.
Speaking of zippers, they’re covering an intelligent system of pockets - placed right where you need them. The “Nair” jacket also features padded inner pockets for sensitive valuables, plus a convenient headphone slot. Finally, the Cohæsive™ adjustable waistband system ensures a comfortable fit with no snow getting through in the event of a fall.

Your top half isn’t the only important part to protect in the mountains. The Bogner B-Tec ski pants are specifically designed with mobility in mind. Also made of innovative, waterproof 4-way stretch fabric, the “Trutz” ski pants feature adjustable hook-and-loop bars at the waist and laser-cut knee accents to prevent tugging when moving into more athletic positions. PU laminate reinforces the medial ankle region, protecting against tearing in that most vulnerable of areas, while snow guards on the inside ensure nothing gets inside your boots.

What more could anyone possibly need in ski wear? Not much, or at least that’s what we think. Sven Kueenle would probably agree, after putting the new B-Tec gear to the test during his recent adventure in Lofoten.

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