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The Thindown Effect

The new down jackets from Bogner Man incorporate an exciting new down technology...

"The warmest, and the thinnest..."

Skiing down the piste, light as air with the icy wind whipping through your hair and yet – you’re toasty warm: this feeling was first made possible by the advent of the down jacket in the early 1950’s. After its incorporation into winter sports fashion, down quilting quickly broke into the world of mainstream winter fashion, becoming the light, high-tech, sporty alternative to the traditional wool coat.


Since its invention, the down jacket has gone through many different stylistic evolutions: from the relatively simple, semi-puffy designs of the 1950’s to the flashy, ultra-puffy styles of the 2000’s. One word, however, which has essentially always been associated with the down jacket is, of course, “puffy.”

all warm, no puffy

What if there was a way to make a jacket with all the warmth and lightness of a classic down jacket, without all of the disadvantages? A down jacket that doesn’t look puffy, which doesn’t require quilting to keep its form, and is easy to maintain?


This season, Bogner Man teamed up with the revolutionary Italian textile manufacturer ThinDown to create such extraordinary down jackets. ThinDown is a new, innovative material, which statically fuses down feathers to thin sheets of fleece, creating a slim, sturdy sheet of down filling.


The new Bogner Man ThinDown jackets are also extremely easy to care for. Unlike traditional down, ThinDown is durable enough to be machine washable, and with the feathers bonded into the fleece, there is no risk of the filling seeping out of the material.

Thin Down

By creating a continuous, cohesive sheet of filling, ThinDown eliminates the need for functional quilting, which was traditionally used to keep the down feathers from sinking to the bottom of the garment. The result is a smooth jacket that snugly fits and accentuates the form of the wearer, which allows for the possibility of more decorative quilting.


The new smooth, sleek ThinDown jackets in the Bogner Man collection are certainly revolutionary, and will undoubtedly revolutionize fashion in a similar way as the original down parka.

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