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Wearing the Mountains

The new Fire + Ice capsule collection ft. photographer Ray Demski has arrived...

"I love the idea that people can bring the pieces back to nature, and actually live what they’re wearing"

Sometimes, the Fire + Ice atelier at Bogner headquarters can feel rather far away from nature – far away from where the things made here are meant to be worn. On a sunny Wednesday this past spring, however, everyone there felt like they’d suddenly been transported to the Alps! The freshly unpacked capsule collection – a skiwear collection featuring the work of extreme photographer Ray Demski – hung like a nature photo-album on the clothing rack. Passerby could easily flip through the album’s pages: Ski jackets featuring jagged, stark mountain cliffs, and first-layer thermals radiating the glow of a glittering alpine sunset. Overall, the effect was magical.

Ray Demski

Fire + Ice ft. Ray Demski

Fire + Ice ft. Ray Demski

Ray Demski is a rare talent behind the camera: The Canadian started his career at fourteen when he traveled the world with his parents, whom he lovingly describes as “hippies”, on a sailboat for seven years, photographing the entire journey. Surprisingly, the Canadian school board had no problem with this grand adventure. At every port and harbor, he and his siblings sent in their assignments and waited to receive new ones. Though, as Demski laughingly admits, this lifestyle might have been better for his training as a photographer than his normal education.

Ray Demski

Today, the 30-year-old enjoys a highly successful career as an extreme action and nature photographer, and is a passionate climber and skier. He spent much of the last year travelling to capture the perfect images for this collaboration with Bogner. “I took one of the largest panoramas for the designers while I was touring between the Eiger and Moench mountains. Even as I was taking the shot, I had a great feeling about how it would look on a Fire + Ice jacket,” said Demski in an interview. Other motifs in the collection are from Demski’s tour in Yosemite National Park, where he climbed the famous El Capitan pillar to photograph the Half Dome ridge in the early morning sun.

"Wear it, live it."

Producing photo-realistic designs on clothing is not as simple as one might think. “It was important to capture calm scenes with significant shadow-play, as these tend to work best,” explained Fire + Ice designer Tom Becker, who along with Demski chose the motifs for the designs. In addition to selecting the right images, each individual cut of fabric must be printed with exact precision to ensure that the images run smoothly across the arms and torso while the garment is being worn.


Not just there to be pretty, the results of the project are highly functional as well. “I love the idea that people can bring the pieces back to nature, and actually live what they’re wearing,” says Demski with excitement. The collection includes everything from down ski jackets adorned with snowy, jagged mountain cliffs, to first- and second-layer mock shirts and leggings featuring a range of breath-taking alpine motifs.