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Another World at the ISPO

Guests at this year’s ISPO got to experience Bogner in a whole new way… 

"a completely novel brand experience"

Every year in the east of Munich, as well as several other locations around the world, the ISPO exhibition gives sports and sports fashion manufacturers the chance to get together and showcase their newest ideas and products. The ISPO is all about innovation and collaboration.


For this year’s ISPO in Munich, Bogner forged a very special collaboration with Holodeck VR and the Fraunhofer Institute, the developer of the MP3 compression algorithm, to create an unprecedented brand experience. At this year’s Bogner exhibition, visitors were invited to put on a special set of virtual reality goggles, and quite literally step into the world of Bogner.

Once wearing the VR goggles, visitors were immediately transported to the pinnacle of two giant ice towers connected by a bridge, all suspended high above a snowy, mountainous twilight landscape. Up to two additional avatars, which represented other people on the platform, may have been visible at any time.

The first part of the experience, and certainly the most nerve-wracking, involved crossing the virtual suspension bridge. It’s akin to walking across a glass floor hanging high, high above the ground – don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights! Upon reaching the second platform, the scene suddenly transitioned, and transported the visitor through the entire visual history of the Bogner brand from 1932 to the present day.

ISPO 2017

Reactions from guests at the ISPO were very positive: Bogner athletes Bene Mayr and Sven Kueenle clearly enjoyed it. “The experience is pretty surreal,” said Mayr in a post-VR interview. Kueenle was amazed by how the experience was difficult to process: “At first you see people just walking on a flat floor, and then when you put the goggles on it messes with your mind, because all of a sudden you think ‘oh, I can’t step here I might fall!’ And that’s just really trippy.”


Willy Bogner Jr. himself thoroughly enjoyed the experience, noting that “we still have a ways to go” in terms of perfecting the VR technology. This is, however, perfectly in line with the relentlessly innovative spirit of the Bogner brand.

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