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Legendary Langer

"Golf is rooted in honesty and fairness like no other sport"

Oftentimes, the development of a sport in a sport within a nation can be traced back to a single player. For golf in Germany, that player is Bernhard Langer. Since the world-renowned golfer began his career in 1972, the number of golf courses in Germany has multiplied nearly eight times over.

In an interview with the Bogner team, Langer shared his belief that golf is “rooted in honesty and fairness like no other sport,” and that many players will say that one can “better judge another’s character from a single round of golf than many business conversations.”

Evidently, these sentiments have proven true for Langer and Willy Bogner, who met while golfing in the late 1970’s and have been close friends and business partners ever since. When Langer won his first Masters Tournament in 1985, he was wearing Bogner.

The true test of friendship between Langer and Bogner came when Langer was approached by another brand with a very good sponsorship offer. Langer immediately inquired if Bogner could make a similar offer and, after considering the facts, Bogner told Langer to accept the competitor’s offer. This demonstration of fairness and understanding has formed the basis of their decades-long friendship, and when Langer was again free from contract a few years ago, he approached Bogner and offered to start a new collaboration without hesitation.

When asked what is important to him concerning sporting apparel, and why he chooses to wear Bogner beyond his friendship with Mr. Bogner himself, Langer replied: “The cut of the clothes has to be perfect. Even the colors and details are decisive factors… [they] must fit perfectly and be functional, and Willy Bogner just doesn’t make any compromises.”

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