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Ski Visions

First impressions of the premiere of Willy Bogner's new film SKI VISIONS.

" takes an crazy director who knows what he wants."

Double Premiere: Willy Bogner presents his new film, SKIVISIONS and the Bogner winter collection 2016 at ISPO, Munich. A precise idea of where winter-sports trends are heading in 2016 is reserved to the chosen few who followed Willy and Sônia Bogner`s call and appeared on the ISPO booth in order to attend the film premiere, which reflects the origin and history of the brand.

A flashback-feature in the movie shows, how the respective Bogner invention got skiers inspired in the 70ies – years before the Walkman was ready to hit the shelves. Synchronized night skiing seems to be big in Bavaria and Willy and his team have found the filming-gear and possess the skill to bring this flaming hot and dynamic performance onto the big screen.

Ski Visionen

Ski Visionen

The cast: A brilliant mix of athletes and different generations including the skiing legend Markus Wasmeier and Fuzzy Garhammer, the free-skiiers Sven Kueenle and Bene Mayr, who ensure thrilling action and show off the new Bogner ski fashions in action to perfection. Think of LED, think the world’s best free-skiers, gymnast and a touch of the original Fire + Ice performance and you will get an idea of the striking new looks defined for 2016. Interplay between past, present and future shows up on the booth of Ispo Bogner. Graffiti arts adorn the walls, history- and future outfits are shown with the associated movie highlights.


Live on stage and for the very first time, Bogner presented an additional member: Alexander Wirth’s love for skiing paired with his management skills and his experience in sports and fashion industry assured him a place in the Bogner board of directors.

Willy Bogner:

"There are 2 major aspects in creation we have to consider: The luxury aspect, female by cliché if you want, which prioritizes looks 100 percent. And then there is the male perspective of winter-sports, which fancies the sports... well nowadays the women are the same." (Laughs)


Exciting news from a brand, which does not get tired of defining the status quo in winter sports fashion. Please rest assured that there not only is a Skiing Vision for 2016 but for years to come.

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