Men's First Layers

High-quality functional first layers from BOGNER 

It usually hides under several layers of clothing and ideally fits like a second skin. We are talking about functional first layers. Whether it's a mountain tour or a day on the slopes,  those out and about take an onion as their role model and dress in several functional layers. Find out now what first layers from BOGNER have to offer in technical terms and what makes them unique! 

The technical side of outdoor clothing 

Managing heat regulation during physical activity can be challenging. With the help of functional first layers, this can be achieved quite easily:  technical clothing is designed to be worn in several layers. The concept is simple:  when it’s cold, a layer is added, when it’s warm, a layer is removed. In addition, the right “layering” ensures a feeling of well-being with any movement and in any weather. 

About the first layer and other functional layers 

The first layer is the basis of all functional clothing layers. Its job is to keep the body warm in sub-zero temperatures and dry during sweaty sporting activities. Fashion designers therefore turn to polyester, polypropylene or polyamide. The reason:  the synthetic functional fabrics “wick” sweat to the outside, where it can evaporate. The more natural option is merino wool. It can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry. The styles from BOGNER hug the body perfectly, thanks to the highly elasticated stretch finish. 

And on top of the first layer? The athlete wears an equally functional intermediate layer, the second layer, which warms or maintains the correct body temperature. If required, the third or outer layer - usually in the form of functional jackets - serves as a protective shield against water and wind. 

BOGNER with exclusive first layers for men 

The first layer is the first of several optional layers. But that definitely doesn't mean that you have to hide the exclusive BOGNER styles under shirts, jackets or waistcoats. Some of the longsleeve tops are designed to be worn on their own. In a camouflage look, with a striking ski print or gradient effects, men cut a fashionable figure during après-ski activities. 

Of course, BOGNER’s exclusive range also includes classics in grey, black or white, as well as versions in a mottled look. Flexible, shape-retaining and with a fleeced reverse, the highest standards of comfort are guaranteed. The intelligent first layers also feature a zip and some include mesh inserts as well. This makes it even easier to regulate the temperature.