Men's Loungewear

Stylish wherever you are 

Totally relaxed, yet stylish - that’s how we would describe the casual loungewear for men from BOGNER.  Especially since 2020, with a lot of time now spent within your own four walls, comfortable fashion has become increasingly popular.  But loungewear is no longer just for wearing at home.  You see the loungewear look while shopping, on the street and also in the office - worn by stylish men. 

Loungewear, BOGNER style 

At BOGNER, fashion-conscious men will find numerous timeless basics and fashionable essentials.  Prints or minimalist logo prints in contrasting designs give t-shirts that certain je ne sais quoi.  The logo can also be found on sweatshirt jackets and knitted hoodies as an accentuated or embossed ‘B’.  Jogging trousers can either be worn in a classic solid colour or with contrasting stripes that give the trousers a stylish upgrade.  When all the pieces are worn together, the result is a comfortable yet sporty look. 

Loungewear = streetwear 

Loungewear stands for relaxed and comfortable fashion within your own four walls.  But it really looks far too good not to be worn in public.  Of course, this also applies to the BOGNER collection.  The best example is the hoodie, which has long since become a popular fashion piece.  Smooth tech panels on the hood and kangaroo pockets create a smart look.  The logo rounds off the look of these versatile hoodies in signature style.  The result: stylish all-rounders that can be combined both casually with jogging trousers and urban style with chinos. 

Speaking of jogging trousers:  like hoodies, they belong in every well-stocked wardrobe of fashion-conscious men.  In recent years, these casual trousers have become the optimal choice to wear between the home office, the couch and the supermarket. 

Whether with an oversized shirt or a coat and trainers - jogging trousers always look casual.