Men's Trousers

Exclusive, high-quality styles from BOGNER 

High-quality men’s trousers have been one of those essential basics in every man’s wardrobe for centuries.  One style point is clear after a first quick glance at the BOGNER collections:  we have the right type of trousers for every type of man – and the designs to suit the occasion.  Find the exclusive model that brings your personal style to the fore! 

Men’s trousers victorious 

The origins of trousers lie back in the mists of time.  To be more precise, in the development of special legwear for protection against the cold and chafing.  The first garment of this type, known as ‘hose’, was apparently already being worn by Iceman Ötzi.  Legwear styles comparable to those worn today were first seen in the records of Eurasian horse-riding nomads, as well as in ancient China and early Mongolia. 

Trousers were not always common – the Celts and medieval knights wore skirts.  After the Middle Ages, however, trousers took over as a status symbol for men in Europe.  Since the 17th century,  men’s trousers have been widely established with very few geographic exceptions.  By the way, the expression ‘wearing the trousers’ originates from this time.  It roughly means ‘having the power of command’ - which gives an indication of which clan mainly wore trousers in the beginning. 

High-quality men’s trousers for any occasion 

What kind of trousers are suitable for each individual situation?  There are several factors to bear in mind, and of course, it is always a matter of personal taste.  Generally speaking, chinos work well both for leisure styles and to create a casual office look.  Smart trousers also look good in the office.  And for more formal occasions, the fashion-conscious gentleman reaches out for his suit trousers.  Shorts, jeans and jogging trousers make casual companions for your leisure time.  Special golfing trousers and functional running trousers can be relied upon for every outdoor adventure.  

The total look from BOGNER 

Sometimes the star, sometimes the supporting role - men’s trousers master both with distinction.  Clean, understated basic trouser styles are perfect for setting off an urban statement sweater or a polo shirt in modern colours.  And if you want the trousers to take centre stage, pair them with shirts or sweaters in classic black or white.  Are you on the lookout for something that goes with a shirt and jacket, but not as formal as smart trousers?  Chinos will give any elegant outfit a casual twist.