Men's Trainers

Casual shoes for an active everyday life 

In rain, storm or snow - the trainer styles from BOGNER are must-haves that you will appreciate all year round.  In addition to exclusive materials, elegant stitching and quilted sections make the models unmistakably striking.  Fine logo details like the ‘B’ signé give the trainers signature brand flair.  

High-quality materials for BOGNER trainers 

Recycled leather is used both for the upper material and partly for the inside of the trainers.  The advantages of leather as a shoe material include breathability, durability and water resistance.  If textiles are used for the inner material, BOGNER uses recycled fibres.  In frost and snow, textured rubber soles with a patented spike system give the trainers reliability on all surfaces.  Soft lambskin inside the trainers provides optimal insulation - perfect for cold temperatures.  

Stylish appearance in men’s trainers from BOGNER 

When choosing a new pair of casual shoes, keep the following in mind:  the more classic the design, the easier it is to combine the trainers.  Once you’ve chosen your favourite style, it naturally wants to be worn with the matching outfit.  Trainers stand for relaxed coolness like no other shoes.  For the business look, smart men therefore choose an elegant counterpoint:  modern coats or elegant jackets as well as chinos come into play, which optimally complement the casual character of the trainers. 

While trainers used to be rather out of place in the office, they are now worn there more and more often.  The casual styles are now even acceptable with business outfits.  It’s important to remember:  if you wear trainers with a business suit, it’s best to go for a slim silhouette. The optimal trousers end just above the ankle.