Women's T-Shirts / Longsleeves

Exclusive t-shirts from BOGNER 

Ready for a real all-time favourite? No woman can do without t-shirts as fashion essentials!  Whether for everyday wear, business or sport: the short-sleeved classic is so uncomplicated and oh so versatile. This is why clean basics in white or black have a permanent place in every wardrobe. Styles with graphic print designs, smart slogans and cool label lettering are particularly up-to-date. Sometimes on-trend, sometimes elegant, sometimes luxurious - women’s t-shirts from BOGNER are available in a wide range of looks! 

Make a statement with t-shirts 

Like many other items of clothing, the t-shirt was initially the preserve of men. It was not until the 1960s that outerwear also conquered women’s fashion. In particular, we have to thank the actresses Brigitte Bardot and Jean Seberg for that. The latter wore a t-shirt with the inscription “New York Herald Tribune” in the Godard classic “Breathless”. This laid the foundation for the career of one of the most important accessories worn by self-assured women. 

This piece, which was originally very simple, has also long been worn as the place for expressing one’s opinion. It also serves as a cost-effective walking advertising space, with the flexibility to be utilised in marketing campaigns for a wide range of products. Why not wear your personal calling card on your own body – a striking t-shirt from BOGNER! 

The high-quality women’s T-shirt and its relations 

BOGNER’s high-quality women’s shirt range also includes a number of related garments - from polo shirts and blouse shirts to long-sleeve shirts, functional first layers and tank tops. The collections also offer basics in a practical double pack and white t-shirts with modern prints on the front - all in the highest quality. 

The look that goes with BOGNER t-shirts 

What is the best way for a woman to wear a t-shirt? However she likes! Sporty with destroyed jeans and trainers, casual with smart trousers, a knit cardigan and lace-ups. They also look great combined with flared A-line skirts. Elegant V-neck t-shirts are just as suitable for the office as they are for a stroll through the city. Oversized styles work particularly well over sports tights. Teamed with a blazer and high heels, this basic becomes club-ready.