Women's Gloves

Women’s gloves – key pieces for winter fashion 

Skiing without gloves? An uncomfortable affair on winter days in freezing temperatures! And in the cold season, these stylish hand warmers are also absolute must-haves, both on and off the slopes. Whether in a classic knitted finish, made of synthetic fabrics or fine leather: BOGNER gloves keep your fingers reliably warm in sub-zero temperatures. The functional women’s models also ensure warmth in a particularly stylish way. 

The glove as protective clothing with a long history 

A shoe for the hand. Even in Biblical times, people wore gloves: garments that covered the hands completely or partially, to protect them from environmental influences such as cold, heat or friction.  

So far so good. And since when has this kind of article protected women's hands? According to different historical sources, protective clothing for the hands does not seem to have become what we know today until the 12th or 13th century. The first officially stylish women’s gloves were usually perfumed, magnificently decorated with jewels and pearls, or elaborately embroidered. In the late Middle Ages, the garment became a fashionable accessory for the upper classes.  

High quality winter gloves from BOGNER 

In a classic quilted design or extravagant with Swarovski crystals: gloves and mittens from BOGNER keep fingers cosy and warm in a stylish design. How about down gloves made from intelligent ripstop shell and sheepskin? Gloves with an inner lining of voluminous teddy fleece, leather trim or tonal stitching offer women’s hands cosy protection. On the slopes you can wear ski gloves made of soft shell with high-quality padding. 

What matches the exclusive women’s gloves 

Tone-on-tone or colour blocking? If you want to match the colour of your gloves to your scarf and hat, both options are perfect. Even though the women’s models from BOGNER set striking accents, in outdoor winter sports, function is the top priority. That's why it’s best to round off your piste outfit with ski helmets and ski goggles, but also with ski jackets and trousers in proven BOGNER quality.