All Over the Place

From Jane Fonda to Taylor Swift Since the 1950s, the functional and elegant ski overall has been an integral part of the BOGNER collection. The figure-hugging one-piece suit with its ‘B’ logo zip, and often also with a belt with a ‘B’ logo on the buckle, is a head-turner in a wide variety of designs from striking print motifs to colour blocking. In 1975, Jane Fonda inspired Willy Bogner Jr to design aerobics-style overalls. Nine years later, he presented the “Total Look”, the first pair of skis and a ski suit as a single design unit. At the same time, designer Gotthardin Thylmann scattered colourful pop art patches all over the overalls. In 1985, “Jungen Wilden” artists used them as the canvass for their “Body Art” campaign. Functionally, too, the overalls were always setting new trends, for example in 1997 with the “Air Comfort System”, which palpably improved their insulating properties. And the enthusiasm for this casual onesie continues to this day. For example, pop superstar Taylor Swift posed in 2020 for her Variety Magazine cover in red BOGNER Marei skiing overalls!

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