Join The Tribe

The Mountain Community

Explosive and radical, creative and poetic at the same time - the BOGNER film “Fire and Ice” combined sport with music in an innovative way in 1986, and thus laid the foundations for a new kind of skiing and snowboard culture. A few years later, anyone could become part of this community - “Join The Tribe!” was the motto of the FIRE+ICE clothing label founded in 1989. Anyone who not only wanted to wear the label’s cool and highly functional gear, but also wanted to go on a real-life adventure, had to apply with a postcard. Wanted were young free spirits who were open to something new. The young snowboarders selected, including Reto Lamm, Terry Jones and the photographer Stefan Ruiz, were sent on survival trips to Australia, Hawaii and Canada. And the twist in the tale? Everyone was given a bag with only a few items of clothing, and had to make do with that for a week. This is how a close-knit community came into being. A BOGNER initiative that is now considered a pioneer of modern community building!

Opposites Attract, or: an Explosive Mixture!
Powder Paradise at the Burning Mountain
“Body Art”: Young, Wild, Skiing Art!
Like the Ancient Greeks: Between Elements – Individuals!