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Our beach and swimwear collection is a must every summer! It not only looks good but also works well in every summer setting, whether on a warm southern beach, at the lake, on the volleyball court or at the pool bar.


Bikinis take the leading role in women’s beach fashion. Season in and season out, they manage to stay on trend by continually being reinvented. The result is stylish two-pieces in all shapes and colours. But even that’s not enough: triangles, bandeaus and balconettes … it isn’t just the various cuts used for the top piece that have their own names. Women can also choose between swimming shorts, hot pants and even smaller pieces. Then there is still the question: mix and match fan, sun worshipper or true athlete? A bikini from Bogner is sure to suit your tastes.


The swimsuit is the bikini’s closest competitor – and another summer essential for women at the beach. For many, the one-piece swimsuit feels better on the body than the two-piece variant. What once was dismissed as old-fashioned and conservative has made a fashion comeback. With more interesting cut-outs, higher leg cuts or fashion forward prints, nowadays the bikini has nothing on the look of a modern swimsuit.


For men, there’s no getting away from swim trunks. By no means does the variety of men’s swimwear need to be hidden away when compared with their counterparts for women. Short or long, narrow or broad, plain or colourful - men in Bogner swim trunks also dive into cooler waters with style.

As you can see: choosing swim shorts is more a question of personal taste than of current trends. Now is the time to find the design that suits your personal preferences by browsing through the Bogner collection. Men who like to play it safe can wear loose-fitting shorts that end at the middle of the thigh. The most classic colours are black or dark blue.


Have you already found the perfect swim trunks, swimsuit, or bikini? Then you’ve completed the first step towards the perfect beach outfit. Bogner can also provide you with a wide selection of high-quality beachwear for beach parties or evenings at the pool bar.

Stylish women are bound to stand out in long beach dresses and tunics. During the day, casual shorts are combined with an airy shirt, while in the evening a denim skirt can be worn. Creative men can likewise wear functional summer shirts and shorts. Light summer jackets keep both men and women warm on cool summer evenings.


Cool beachwear brings you one step closer to having a coordinated overall look. What’s still missing are the visual details of practical summer accessories that are useful for every outfit: sun hats and sunglasses, beach bags and beach towels, beach shoes and beach sandals.

Bogner offers fashionable accessories in designs that match its apparel. These include timeless classics and true statement pieces that will make people say ‘wow’. Make your beach outfit complete with matching accessories!

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