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Women Second Layer FIRE + ICE



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Always ahead of the game with FIRE+ICE

What do functional outfits have to do with onions? Layers connect them! Many lovers of the outdoors dress according to this simple but effective principle: the so-called onion effect. At FIRE+ICE, sporty women will find a large selection of highly technical and at the same time fashionable essentials. What important role does the second layer play in this? Find out now!

The second layer is the centre of attention

Some call them mid layers, others call them second layers. In any case, these are garments that serve as a functional middle layer during sporting activity. They regulate body temperature as the midpoint. Moisture-transporting first layer, heat-regulating second layer, weather-resistant third layer - in this way, women are perfectly equipped for every outdoor adventure. What makes the third layer indispensable on stormy days? Many second layers such as fleece jackets are water-repellent, but not windproof or waterproof. ... ...

Fleece is a favourite among sporty women

On the subject of fleece: this term comes from English, or "Flausch" in German, meaning soft. And the word goes well with this popular type of fabric, because it is wonderfully soft. In addition, jackets and pullovers made of fleece are durable and long-lasting, as well as elastic and wrinkle-free. Excellent insulation and low weight are further advantages. Last but not least, the FIRE+ICE water-repellent and fast-drying properties make women's fleece jackets popular sports companions.

Second layers and other functional clothing by FIRE+ICE

In addition to classic fleece jackets, functional knit jackets, hybrid jackets and performance layers are also part of the FIRE+ICE women's range. They can be worn either as a middle layer or as a fashionable top layer. How about trying practical outdoor accessories? A second layer in a cool design and body-hugging cut harmonises not only with functional trousers but also with casual jeans.