Men's Ski Trousers

BOGNER for skiers and snowboarders 

Every winter sportsman knows:  choosing the right equipment needs a lot of thought! Especially for outdoor activities in the snow, it pays to invest in high-quality equipment. This applies to the skis or snowboard just as much as to the outfit. Especially on the mountain, where wind conditions are usually different from down in the valley, you need high-quality ski jackets and trousers. BOGNER meets the highest standards and succeeds, with the perfect combination of fashion and function. 

The function demands placed on men’s ski trousers 

Ski trousers should keep you warm - especially during the times when you’re not moving. The material of this functional legwear is critical, so that waiting for the lift does not leave you shivering. In this respect, insulation and breathability are indispensable properties. They ensure that sweat is wicked away from the body and the body temperature is thus regulated. Special functional first layers further support this effect.  

And to prevent the legs of winter sports enthusiasts from getting wet, many men’s ski trousers boast not only water-repellent material but also a variety of ingenious details. A snow guard or gaiters prevent wet feet. To ensure a full range of movement, styles shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If the layer of air between the body and the trousers is too large, valuable warmth is lost. The trousers must, however, be wide enough for the first layer and ski boots to fit underneath. 

The high-quality ski trousers collection from BOGNER 

Function on the one hand, the look on the other: BOGNER successfully brings these aspects into harmony with each other - and at the highest levels of quality. Men who are looking for that certain something will enjoy styles with a camouflage look, or an extravagant ski suit. Or how about an attention-grabber in bright white, blue or red? Mottled ski trousers with statement jackets are also popular. With basics in black or dark blue, winter sports enthusiasts can make a fashionably safe choice. 

Good to know: many men’s ski trousers earn extra points thanks to their practical belts, smart zip pockets or adjustable braces. 

The exclusive piste look with BOGNER 

Found the trousers with the perfect fit? Great, this almost completes the high-quality ski outfit from BOGNER. It is finished off with functional first and second layers, as well as an exclusive ski jacket and matching accessories. Stylish men are now ready to ski!