Men's Sweatshirts / Joggers

Premium sweatwear from BOGNER 

Sweatwear styles have always been popular for sports, but are now also seen in leisure wear and even in the office. With their casual-cool attitude, the garments are perfect for smart breaks in style. It is especially the sweatshirt and the sweatshirt jacket that make popular all-rounders in the outfits of men in the know. Jogging trousers, running trousers and sweatshorts also have their place in the fashion world, as BOGNER shows. 

Men’s sweatshirts – classic and modern 

Wearing a sweatshirt is more fashionable than ever - after all, creative designs and the latest colour trends are eagerly seized upon every season. The results speak for themselves and are very easy and versatile to combine. By the way, the classic is still the hoodie, in other words a hooded sweatshirt typically with a large pocket across the tummy. Sweatshirts with a round neckline always look spot on as well.  

By the way: it is the special finishing process that turns the cotton pullover into a sweatshirt. Made on circular knitting machines, it then goes through a finishing process. This is what creates the characteristic brushed and fleecy inner layer.  

Curtain up for exclusive men’s sweatshirt jackets 

At the gym or on the sports field - high-quality sweatshirt jackets from BOGNER impress with a successful combination of looks and functionality. Now more than ever, they are considered true all-rounders. The fashion-savvy man wears his sweatshirt as a jacket, cardigan or pullover, however the fancy takes him. The zip makes it possible: undreamed of styling options suddenly open up. 

For an uncomplicated look for dinner, a grey sweatshirt jacket goes perfectly with a white shirt, classic jeans and trainers. In the office, the same jacket looks great with more elegant companions, such as a shirt with dark, smart trousers or chinos with lace-ups

What BOGNER has to offer in sweatwear 

Sweatshirts and sweatshirt jackets are joined by a wide range of sweatwear trousers at BOGNER. Running trousers and sweatshorts are still the first choice for a workout. Jogging trousers and hoodies have definitely made it into everyday fashion. Functionality is the name of the game, with intelligent hybrid and softshell jackets with smart sweatwear details.