Women's Knitwear

Exclusive pullovers and jackets from BOGNER 

High-quality knitted jackets, waistcoats and pullovers are essentials for style-conscious women. With BOGNER styles, soft pure new wool, the finest cashmere or a multifunctional blend of materials guarantee the highest wearing comfort. Moreover, the play with cuts, colours and patterns also exceeds visual expectations. Whether an urban or sporty look - at BOGNER women will find timeless pieces for every occasion. 

First the wool, then the knitted sweater 

Every pullover and knit jacket starts with a thread, yet a distinction is made between various wool qualities.  Less expensive materials include cotton and synthetic fibres.  Pure new wool and fine wool are also incorporated. Good to know: pure new wool is obtained exclusively from live sheep. This "new" wool is very elastic, robust and thus versatile.  

Would you like something a little more exclusive? Probably the finest sheep’s wool comes from the merino sheep. The hair of the cashmere goat is also considered extremely valuable and thus counts as a precious wool. The fine fibres are extracted from the undercoat in three elaborate steps.  This is why high-quality pullovers made of cashmere keep you especially warm.  

High-quality knit jackets, cashmere pullovers and more 

From timeless cashmere pullovers with polo necks, or in the fashionable Norwegian style, to elegant cardigans:  the women’s range from BOGNER offers knitwear for every occasion.  How about a sporty pullover?  Styles with large-scale pattern details or a cool retro look are available. If you’re looking for something special, you’ll love the pure new wool ponchos or the oversized capes in a soft wool blend with padded flap pockets.  

What women wear with stylish BOGNER knitwear 

If you want to stay true to the material, combine a knitted dress with a pullover or jacket. For sporting activities, first layers are a smart solution to wear underneath. Casual cardigans harmonise particularly well with cool statement shirts. Blouses that peek out from under a knitted pullover are classically elegant. Combined with smart trousers, jeans or skirts, a whole new look is created in each case.