Exclusive Skiwear from BOGNER

Looking for skiwear in April? In May? Or in June? For you, are the spring and summer just those interim periods you have to get through until the next skiing season begins? Well, hats off to you! Because if that’s case, you’re just as obsessed with skiing as BOGNER. But please be just a little bit patient. We have only just moved from the piste to the atelier. And that’s where you’ll find us buried underneath an avalanche of new designs for our new winter collection. Exclusive skiwear at its finest. As always from BOGNER. We’ve got the works – ski jackets, ski trousers, down jackets, first layers. Not to mention our ski accessories – ski helmets, gloves, goggles and, of course, the skis themselves. And until that time comes around again, why not browse through our Spring/Summer Collection.

Seeing as you’re already here with us, why not let us take you on a fascinating journey through the history of design so that you can discover how BOGNER became what BOGNER is today – the most famous brand for skiwear and sportswear – and not only for sports fashion.

Catwalk for B

The Birth of Ski Fashion

1948 – it was after the War at BOGNER’s first fashion show that ski fashion was actually born. On a catwalk made from some boards that had been hammered together. That was shortly before the currency union. Today, BOGNER is a currency of its own – for good taste, for sporty Haute Couture, for elegant style, but also for action.

BOGNER is a brand with a long tradition, which like all successful brands has been able to imbue itself with renewed life time and time again. For example with BOGNER FIRE+ICE, which is refreshingly sassy. Young, but not juvenile. Got the hots for FIRE+ICE?

It Started with a Kiss

One Ski Jacket Suits All

1937 – the first BOGNER anorak. No other brand epitomises ski fashion as does BOGNER with its combination of style and speed, panache and elegance. And these synergies might never have happened had it not been for the meeting of Willy and Maria Bogner at the beginning of the 1930s. The successful skier established the ski business, and the born businesswoman designed the fashion for it. Maria Bogner was the first to realise that skiing and fashion complement each other perfectly. And she it was who, in times so lacking in elegance, designed an anorak for everyone – a ski jacket that was the pioneer for all future ski fashion. It was the very first ski jacket from BOGNER.

The latest BOGNER ski jackets are already on the drawing board. But in the meantime, why not take a look at our current jackets and coats.

Wearing Bogners

BOGNER Is Synonymous for Ski Trousers

In 1951, they reached the cover page of the Italian fashion magazine GRAZIA – BOGNER’s wedge pants. Made from the best quality gabardine, they were equal to any challenge – in fact they were considered ‘indestructible’. As the years went by, they became more elegant, slimmer-fitting and more sophisticated. During the 1950s and 1960s, they had reached their moment of glory. Marilyn Monroe wore them, as did Elizabeth Taylor and Jayne Mansfield. Even Soraya, the Queen of Iran, was called the ‘queen of the wedge pants’. First of all, it was half of Hollywood, and not long after that, the whole world. That’s how BOGNERS, as they are snappily called in the States, became synonymous for ski trousers – and that’s how they have been listed ever since 1975 in the Dictionary of American Slang.

But it doesn’t always have to be a pair of BOGNER ski trousers – BOGNERS FOR SUMMER – smart stretchy trousers for you, charming chinos for him, wonderfully lightweight, there are sporty summer trousers here in the shop, the BOGNER online shop.

B for BOGNER, W for Willy

Still A Statement Today

1972 – Formula W. The 1970s, and at BOGNER it was time for a generation change. From Willy Senior to Willy Junior. But even before it came to that, Willy Bogner Junior had launched his own ski collection on the market. The perfect skiing fashion for the time. It is just like him – super sporty. Cut to hug the body, made from the stretch nylon that was so revolutionary at the time, emblazoned with the tricolour W for Willy – cheeky, colourful, flamboyantly stylish. Only BOGNER can get away with that.

Ski fashion has changed again since then. BOGNER always goes for the best and newest fabrics and materials. Breathable and weatherproof, highly resilient and ready for anything. 

The Winners Wear It All

BOGNER Attracts Winners

2010 – the German skiing team celebrates 60 years. What is it that distinguishes good skiwear from the rest? What’s the difference between exclusive skiwear and perfect skiwear? How long should a ski jacket be? How long does it have to be? What’s the best first layer? And ski trousers? How tightly-fitting should ski trousers be? Do ski trousers tend to turn out small or large? And of paramount importance – what material should they be made of in order to turn high-quality skiwear into perfect skiwear? Perfect for what? For victory, of course. For victors, naturally. At the Olympic Games, at world championships, and at downhill ski racing events.

Big talk?! Just ask Rosi Mittermaier or Christian Neureuther, Markus Wasmeier or Katja Seizinger, Maria Höfl- Riesch, Viktoria Rebensburg or Felix Neureuther. Best of all – ask yourself. When you think about an international skiing team, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? If it happens to be FLAMES you’re seeing – you can get them at BOGNER SPORT, even in the summer. As a smart print on functional shirts and polo shirts for men.

BOGNER Meets Bond

You Don't Only Direct Twice

Sölden 2015. Do we really have to go into all this again? BOGNER and Bond? Why does Roger Moore on skis look so sharp and glamourous on the bobsleigh run? Because BOGNER wrote a scene that was just made for him on his deadly mission and also made a fantastic ski overall for him to wear. For Bond, we were part of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Our exclusive skiwear made Bond the spy everyone loved, the one that looked cool – even in the jaws of death. Most recently, we accompanied him in 2015 to Sölden on the hunt for Spectre. And how cool did Craig look as Bond in that stylish first layer from BOGNER? As cool as you wearing our BOGNER sweatwear.


A Never Ending Story

You were looking for exclusive skiwear and happened upon the BOGNER story. We have tried to sweeten your time a little. How does the story end? It doesn’t. The BOGNER story carries on. But there are a lot more of these BOGNER moments. Discover more of them at BOGNER WORLD.

And enjoy the summer. With BOGNER. And before you know it, the new collection for Autumn and Winter will be out. With exclusive skiwear for you.