Women's Second Layers

The high-quality middle layer from BOGNER 

The right sports outfit improves performance. Yes, you read correctly! That’s why it's important to dress not only fashionably but above all smartly for outdoor activities. The smart combination of individual clothing layers according to the onion principle is crucial for this. Of course, optimised materials and special cuts also enhance comfort levels, as the designers at BOGNER well know. 

First, second and third layers for optimal performance 

Women who spend most of their free time outdoors are certainly familiar with the so-called 3-layer principle. Whether skiing or snowboarding, climbing, hiking or cycling: depending on the weather, the wearer can easily take off a layer and put it back on later.  

The first layer is the first garment and is in direct contact with the skin. Here, a closely-fitting functional first layer can be relied upon to keep you dry and warm. As the third and outermost layer, outer layers such as hardshell jackets protect against snow, water and wind. And what comes in between? That’s where the woman wears the functional golden middle. 

The golden middle is very important 

Do we need a second layer at all, and if so, what for? That can be answered succinctly: the second layer provides warmth and insulation. Like the first layer, the functional middle layer is designed to keep the wearer at an optimal “operating temperature” during sporting activities. Sweaters, jackets, or waistcoats made of intelligent materials are used here. The lightweight construction, ideal moisture wicking and excellent freedom of movement are among the decisive advantages. 

Exclusive second layers from BOGNER 

As already mentioned, the main focus of the second or middle layer is not on form but on function. Depending on the type of sport and the weather, you can choose from a range of highly technical essentials at BOGNER.  

Traditionally, classically oriented women tend to prefer fleece or hybrid jackets. Performance layers and knit jackets are best worn under a weather-resistant third layer. If that’s not your thing, you can find fashionable teddy fleece jackets and casual parkas in the collections, which also add an upgrade to any everyday look.