Women's Ski Helmets / Ski Goggles

Exclusive women's ski helmets and ski goggles from BOGNER 

Protection, safety and style on the slopes are above all a matter of the head! At the very least, high-quality headwear makes a decisive contribution. Helmets are therefore becoming increasingly mandatory at ski resorts. With an exclusive women’s ski helmet from BOGNER and matching ski goggles, an eventful day on the slopes is guaranteed. 

For optimal fit of the ski helmet 

The good news: most head injuries can be prevented by wearing a helmet. For this, however, it is crucial that the sporty headwear fits perfectly.  

To check if the size is correct, first put it on without closing the chin strap. If it stays in place with the fastening open after a nod and a turn of the head, then you’ve found the right one for you. 

A high-quality women's ski helmet with visor 

Women’s ski helmets from BOGNER promise maximum stability with low weight. High functionality meets unique designs. The innovative Active-Fit system allows the styles to be adjusted to the individual head shape by hand. The temperature is regulated by automatic climate control. Many models are also made of the fast-drying Coolmax® material. 

A perfect pair: ski helmet and ski goggles from BOGNER 

With high-quality ski goggles from BOGNER, fashion-conscious women can add the perfect complement to their ski helmet. From a functional point of view, women’s ski goggles with integrated UV filters offer important eye protection, based on shatterproof glass. Photochromic lenses, which are becoming more and more popular, ensure automatic adaptation to the respective light situation. Polarised women’s ski goggles, with special lenses that prevent glare, are already popular in winter sports.  

How BOGNER ski goggles for women are also visually impressive 

Although the function of the ski goggles is paramount, how they look is also important to fashion-conscious women. Ideally, the accessory should be colour-coordinated with the rest of the ski outfit. This is easy with ski goggles in a cool rainbow look, as they can be combined with almost any outfit style.  

In addition, all ski goggles are made of shatterproof polycarbonate double lenses from ZEISS. Ultra-lightweight, strikingly mirrored and without ever fogging up, these accessories are considered absolute must-haves for the next season on the slopes. 

Women’s ski helmets and ski goggles are in good company at BOGNER 

After choosing a ski helmet and ski goggles, attention turns to the outfit. Give your wardrobe a high-quality upgrade with ski jackets and ski trousers by BOGNER! Underneath, smart functional underwear forms the so-called first layer. High-quality jumpers, jackets and waistcoats are suitable as functional and at the same time fashionable second layers