Women's Sunglasses

Stylish accessories with protection 

Striking designs meet tried and tested classics like aviator sunglasses.  The luxury brand BOGNER lets women choose from a variety of sunglasses that underline their personal style in a sophisticated way.  Even if the eyes are not always visible behind the lenses:  the luxury styles are true head-turners. 

Sunglasses: reliable protection against UV radiation 

On bright, beautiful days, sunglasses are considered indispensable accessories - with an important benefit: UV protection.  The DIN EN ISO 12312 standard defines five different glare categories from 0 to 4.  According to experts, category 2 or 3 sunglasses are sufficient for everyday wear.  In extreme conditions, such as sports on glaciers, category 4 glasses are recommended.  Then again, glare category 4 is unsuitable for driving because it darkens the visual impression too much. 

Note: At the BOGNER Online Shop, the glare or filter category can be found in the product details. 

Additional sun protection is provided by hats that shade the face.  The hat styles from BOGNER add individual accents to the look with sunglasses. 

Sunglasses from BOGNER: selected accessories for women 

Round or square lenses, charming, sporty or futuristic looks - at BOGNER, women choose the design that suits their own style.  Frames with plastic coating at the temples for pleasantly lightweight wearing comfort.  Sporty, active women particularly appreciate styles with side shields.  These not only protect against glare and wind, but also give any look a smart finish.  Speaking of sport:  women who love winter sports treat themselves to functional ski goggles from BOGNER for the slopes. 

BOGNER sunglasses are characterised by the signature brand finish:  whether as a ‘B’ trim at the end of the side frames, or as logo lettering on the bridges - the signature feeling is included in every model. 

At BOGNER, sunglasses always come with company.  All models are supplied with a high-quality case.  When the sun isn’t shining, these fashion essentials are simply placed in their case and safely stowed in your bag or backpack