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Make Every Day Bright

Grey skies? Unseasonably chilly? None of it matters: with bright, vibrant golfwear designed to keep you dry and comfortable, while setting a sunny mood on the course, it will always be a fair day on the fairway.

The Modern Edge

Golf may be an old game, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t evolved over the year. Show you’re up-to-speed with all the latest gear, techniques and trends with now, modernly styled, best quality golfwear from Bogner.

Pro-golfer and winner of the 2017 Ladies European Tour Klára Spilková demonstrates perfect form in every swing. Golfers move more than you’d think!

Ladies First

More women are picking up the classic game of golf than ever before! Fashion-forward, highly functional golfwear is essential for any golfer to feel confident on the course. Golf pants and shorts specially designed for feminine figures give women on the green the freedom of motion they need to sink every shot!