Men's Polo Shirts

Exclusive leisure fashion from BOGNER 

Whenever a man can't decide between a t-shirt and a shirt... the third option is happy. We’re talking about the BOGNER polo shirt, traditionally short-sleeved with collar and buttons. It's been a long and sometimes bumpy road from sportswear to upscale casual classic for this shirt. However, the successful mix of style, comfort and sportiness ultimately prevailed - not only on the sports field, but also on the catwalks of this world.  

Once upon a time there was a polo shirt ... 

Granted, the beginnings of the timeless classic may not be quite so fairytale-like, but they do go back to colonial times. Thus, the origins of the polo shirt lie in the Indian sport of polo. What was once the comfortably-cut sports shirt of the colonial masters is (once again) today’s style essential.  During strenuous polo matches, the subtropical climate in India called for cotton fabric that was light and airy, yet strong for the sport.  In addition to the iconic collar and button placket, it is the breathable cotton pique that has remained a key characteristic of the garment until today. 

However, it is “the crocodile” that is responsible for the worldwide fame and popularity of the polo shirt. Yes, you read correctly: the tennis player René Lacoste made sportswear socially acceptable and has always worn the reptile as a trademark on his polo shirt. 

Men’s polo shirts are just so stylish 

Once a bourgeois image - or is bourgeois even the new cool? No matter how you look at it:  the polo shirt already celebrated its fashion comeback a while ago!  Today, high-quality men’s polo shirts from BOGNER are indispensable key pieces. 

When playing sports - especially golf - men love to wear polo shirts. As we all know, they combine the best of a shirt and t-shirt, just as playing golf combines sporting activity with elegant clothing. These smart all-rounders are made from the finest cotton and offer luxurious comfort. True to tradition: wearing polo shirts from BOGNER with details such as the label’s signature ‘B’ logo on the chest, or the accentuated snap button placket, men make a stylish hole-in-one. 

In daily wear, the polo shirt is not usually tucked into the waistband - in contrast to its appearance on the golf course. In addition, the collar, which was once turned up as neck protection, is better left flat for the ideal styling. 

The BOGNER polo shirt – the height of versatility 

Sporty, casual and stylish at the same time. Polo shirts are the epitome of smart-casual and give any summer look an immediate feeling of ease. The colour palette in BOGNER's men’s range is as varied as the drinks in a cocktail bar. Rich colours in particular look great with light-coloured or neutral shorts and chinos. Very important: only combine one preppy piece with the polo shirt! Otherwise it quickly becomes too much of a good thing. So instead of sailing shoes, go for cool trainers instead. In the cooler season, more muted colours and the long-sleeved version are worn with matching jeans or smart trousers.