BOGNER Glossary

Materials, Functions and Care of BOGNER Styles

BOGNER stands for high quality design, but also the highest standards in materials and functionality. Everything you want to know about the materials used at BOGNER, their composition, properties, care and sustainable aspects can be found in the BOGNER glossary. Our customer service team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Step with Grip!
Fashion Meets Function

The BOGNER | MICHELIN snow boot styles combine maximum grip, anti-slip technology and a lightweight design. The Michelin sole suits all snow boots, both the more technical ones and those that place more emphasis on style and glamour. Lightweight, anti-slip, durable.

Get on Ice
Spikes Technology

Shoe styles with Ice Spike Technology and fold-out spikes offer two types of grip integrated into one outsole, ensuring a secure foothold in any snow conditions. The shoes can be worn with or without spikes, depending on the ground or weather conditions. They come with a pocket-sized smart key to fold or unfold the spikes as needed.

Naturally excellent
Bavarian Wool

Thanks to an environmentally friendly treatment, this particularly high-quality Bavarian sheep’s wool is extra soft, odorless, moisture and temperature regulating and breathable. The highly functional wadding is made with innovative InfraCycle – an infrared fibre that creates an improved sense of well-being by stimulating blood circulation in the body and is made from recycled plastic bottles to reduce the ecological footprint. Washable at up to 40°C, the functional fabric provides comfortable warmth with a high degree of absorption even when wet.

BOGNER Econyl®

The BOGNER X ECONYL® collection consists of timeless products created using innovative and exclusive ECONYL® from Italy. A regenerated nylon yarn made from discarded nylon fishing nets and other industrial waste, ECONYL® fibers can be endlessly recycled without loss of quality, thus reducing waste, emissions and the use of non-renewable resources.

BOGNER Materials

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