Men's Ski Helmets / Ski Goggles

A BOGNER men’s ski helmet including matching ski goggles is a (fashionable) must-have 

Whether you are a child or an adult:  if you are on the slopes, you need to wear a helmet! This is supported above all by the fact that helmets are compulsory in more and more ski resorts. Due to its protective function, headwear has long been an indispensable basic for winter sports enthusiasts. At BOGNER it’s easy to find a perfectly fitting ski helmet and matching ski goggles. 

What men appreciate about their ski helmets 

The most important task of any ski helmet:  to protect your head in the event of a fall. This requires excellent cushioning to absorb the impact. In addition, the BOGNER helmets have an advanced ventilation system that also provides reliable protection against the cold. 

Choosing the right ski helmet 

The decisive factor when choosing the right ski helmet size is the head circumference. This is measured about one centimetre above the eyebrows. As a rule, the respective size is written as a code number on the back of each ski helmet model. Above all for safety, but also in terms of comfort, a perfect fit is critical. To find the correct fit, a ski helmet on the small side is chosen first of all. The fit is then tested by nodding and shaking the head with the chinstrap open. Does the helmet pinch, or is it too loose? Then the next size - smaller or larger - is tried. 

Before buying, you should also check whether there is extra padding on the chin strap and whether the ski helmet is compatible with the ski goggles. 

A ski helmet from BOGNER rarely comes alone 

Speaking of compatibility:  ski helmets make a perfect combination with the luxury brand’s ski goggles. The men's models have the option of polarised or photochromic lenses. In addition, they offer the best possible protection from bright light and reflections in the snow, but also from icy winds or hard ice splinters. Compared to ordinary ski goggles, they also score points for their precision fit, which makes them more comfortable to wear. 

Tried and tested quality:  BOGNER ski goggles are tested using the guidelines of the EN 174 standard. The light transmission, protection against UV radiation and blue light, the mechanical strength and distortion effect are all assessed. 


Off to the slopes in BOGNER from head to toe! 

To match the protective headwear and smart ski goggles, BOGNER equips winter sports enthusiasts with functional ski trousers and ski jackets. Underneath, style-savvy men wear the high-quality first layers and second layers, as well as perfectly matching boots. The ski outfit is rounded off with smart accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves.