Women's Down Jackets and Quilted Jackets

Exclusive women’s outerwear from BOGNER 

A cold day without a jacket to keep you warm effectively?  Especially in regions where the winters can be frosty and cold, down jackets and coats are indispensable.  Warm, breathable and comfortable, it’s not only for sports that they are a woman’s loyal companion, but also for going shopping or to the bar.  Right at the top of the fashion popularity scale you will find the oversized styles and classically elegant quilted jackets.  Everything you need to know about the padding and adaptability of our women’s down jackets will now be revealed to you by BOGNER. 

A women’s down jacket for all eventualities 

Ultra-lightweight down jackets are the solution for those occasions when a woman is unsure about the weather.  This is especially true when travelling, since they don’t crease and hardly weigh anything at all.  And what makes down styles absolute all-rounders in the hands of smart women?  It will always be there for her – a practically weightless waistcoat or reliable protection from the cold, on fresh summer evenings, in between the seasons, and into deepest winter. 

What to bear in mind with down jackets 

A stylish shell, a functional core – that’s a very apt description of a down jacket. By the way, down refers to the under-feathers of water birds, and it is the down from ducks or geese that is used for the filling of outerwear garments.  The quality measure of the jackets is the filling quantity and the bulkiness or filling power of the down, which is given in “cuin” (short for cubic inches).  For outdoor wear, styles with a value of 500 cuin or above are recommended.  When wearing a down jacket with a cuin value of 700, women can spend time outdoors even in the coldest regions of the world. 

Tips for correct care:  if you show your down jacket the inside of a washing machine, use the gentle cycle and give it plenty of room.  It is also better not to leave it out to dry in the open air, as this can cause the down to go lumpy.  To prevent this from happening, you should put the garment in a dryer together with at least one tennis ball. 

BOGNER: Jackets, waistcoats and coats filled with down 

From timeless basics to extravagant statement pieces – it’s all available in the down collections from BOGNER: high-quality jackets, waistcoats and coats in different lengths, colours and silhouettes.  Purists go for a classic quilted coat in black or dark blue.   

Speaking of style:  lacquer-look quilted jackets and coats look elegant and casual at the same time.  The sleeves of smart pieces, for example, can be removed if desired, so that variable styles can be worn over jumpers, hoodies or long-sleeve tops.  Styles in pastels, camouflage looks or zig-zag designs are sure to attract attention.  Women’s jackets and coats in silver-pink are also on-trend and are very popular worn with casual outfits such as white blouses and blue jeans.