Women's First Layers

Functional first layers from BOGNER 

Functional first layers are versatile. Active women wear a functional shirt like a second skin as a sporty first layer. Thanks to versatile combinable styles, some of the fashionable pieces are also perfect to wear solo. Whether it’s a timeless ski first layer or a classy feel-good piece: the first layer is always soft, snug and functional. Smartly dressed for sport and leisure - this is possible with the exclusive first layers and other high-quality outerwear from BOGNER. 

Layering, or dressing like an onion 

An onion has several layers. And layering is inspired by the structure of this vegetable - the well-considered wearing of layers of clothing on top of each other, also called the onion principle. Everyone knows about it, many use it. But why is it beneficial to put a special focus on this? Especially during outdoor activities in the winter, it is important to avoid the unpleasant effects of sweating. And that’s exactly when the right outfit can help prevent sweat from remaining directly on the skin under the clothing.  

Layer by layer in BOGNER style 

Some speak of first, second or third layer, others of base, mid or outer layer. This refers to three layers of clothing that are worn on top of each other, in varying degrees depending on the weather. Each layer fulfils a specific function and can also consist of several garments. The first layer is in direct contact with the skin. On cold days on the slopes, a body-hugging first layer for skiing is recommended to keep you warm and comfortable. 

What does a woman wear over it?The first layer is followed by the middle layer, also called the second layer or mid layer. Generally speaking,  it’s better to wear several thin layers than a few thick ones! If you wear a second layer, you can benefit from an insulating layer of air between the two layers if you choose the right material. Pieces made of merino wool are ideal. If you combine these with layers of synthetic fibre, it’s best to wear the merino wool underneath. Depending on the weather and your needs, softshell or down jackets serve as a weather-resistant third - and thus outermost - layer. 

BOGNER: more than just a ski first layer for women 

It’s clear: the exclusive first layer styles from BOGNER have absolutely no reason to hide under other layers of clothing. How about high stretch jersey fabric with a smart vintage photo print and modern ombré finish? Highly elasticated microfibre longsleeve tops with typical brand lettering elements also impress all along the fashion line. The same goes for the stretchy pieces in graphic Aztec style or with a floral pattern. Timeless classics in white, grey and black round off the range of women’s functional first layers.