Women's Loungewear

Stylishly relaxed in comfortable trousers and tops 

Since sweatshirt jackets and jogging trousers have been seen on the catwalks of various major fashion houses, loungewear has been worn everywhere.  But what does the term loungewear actually mean?  Often referred to as homewear or leisurewear, loungewear is synonymous with casual and comfortable fashion for your home.  However, the days when this style was only known as a dress code for the home are long gone.  

Whether shopping or going for a walk, these elegant two-piece outfits can now be seen everywhere.  In 2020, a year when a lot of time was spent at home, loungewear continued to grow in popularity.  At BOGNER, stylish women with a desire for an extra helping of comfort can enjoy luxurious pieces for a relaxed look. 

Loungewear à la BOGNER 

Soft cotton blends and pure new wool - at BOGNER, high-quality materials ensure a comfortable feel.  Loose silhouettes with modern ruffles and ribbed knit details, as well as feminine cuts and elegant tucks, characterise these must-haves.  Intarsia logo branding or the flat-knitted BOGNER ‘B’ lend these pieces a signature flair. 

Casual loungewear styles 

What makes these must-haves so popular?  The answer is clear: their fashion versatility.  There’s hardly an occasion that the relaxed look doesn't suit or can't be upgraded for.  When going for a walk, women feel ideally equipped in combinations of sweatshirt jackets, jogging trousers, cross body bags and trainers.  At the home office, a classic blazer over a t-shirt can be worn with jogging trousers.  And if you have a meeting in the office, casual boots complete the business look. 

Perfect finish 

Fashionable women who want to add that certain something to their loungewear outfit choose accessories such as hats, caps or the fashionable belt bags with the characteristic BOGNER ‘B’. An elegant look is also created when a woman throws on a simple coat.  For extra coolness, simply swap the coat for a teddy fur jacket.