Women's Ski Pants

Exclusive women’s pants for adventures in the snow 

In addition to perfectly groomed slopes, first-class skiwear is also essential for boundless fun in the snow. Whether skiing, snowboarding or freeriding: depending on the discipline, different characteristics play a role in your outfit on the piste. For professional female athletes or après-ski fans - BOGNER knows what to look for when choosing women's ski trousers. 

Functionality as the focus of attention 

Dry and warm - that's what every winter sportswoman wants to be on the slopes. This requires special functional clothing, because this is the only way to guarantee optimal protection against wet and cold. What are the key factors here? When it comes to high-quality ski clothing, the water column is one of the most vital technical details. The higher this value, the denser the material and the longer it can withstand water pressure. Depending on how often and how long you are out in the snow, outfits made of materials with a medium to high water column are recommended. 

The cut of women’s ski pants is also crucial 

In addition to the protective function, freedom of movement and comfort are decisive criteria when deciding on a pair of women’s ski trousers. Even if figure-hugging models are currently very fashionable: ski trousers should be neither too tight nor too short - otherwise women’s feet will get wet in their ski boots. It is also important that the ski trousers fit well at the waist. Stretchy belts or adjustable braces can help here.  

Extensive range of high-quality ski pants for women at BOGNER 

From the ultra-modern, slim-fitting style in a felt look with a down-lined waistband, to practical ski overalls: the range offers every lady the right ski trousers. Whether clean in black or white, with a subtle camouflage print or in statement colours: you decide whether you want to be the star or supporting actor of the outfit. It is clear:  matching ski jackets from BOGNER create a unique, exclusive look on the slopes  

Browse the diverse range and find the right ski trousers for you.